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Special Offer:   Ifavine iSommelier decanter - mini

iSommelier is a smart decanter with a global patent. iSommelier uses a molecular filter technology to isolate oxygen from the air, and filters 90% purified oxygen throughout the wine in our unique carafe. The filter takes out carbon dioxide, nitrogen and dust particles in the air leaving close to pure oxygen which is then pumped through the body of the wine. This "Mini" model has a simple dial that allows you to choose your exact timing. The system reduces decanting by a factor of 1 to 60. Meaning 1 minute real time is the equivalent of a 1 hour traditional decant. When it comes to decanting, all you need from the air is oxygen. Unfortunately air only contains 21% oxygen, this is why traditional decanting process takes so long, because all you need is oxygen from the air. iSommelier effectively reduces traces of methanol, sulfur dioxide, and other harmful substances in the wine. The decanting process becomes efficient, thorough and healthier. With this efficient and intelligent decanting process, iSommelier maximises the level of aroma and flavour, lowers acidity and softens tannins and will bring the potential of each wine to reach its peak status. It can bring a wine to a level of maturity that would otherwise take years of cellaring.

Added by Liquid Opulence today

Special Offer:   Cleaning Floor

Baileys Cleaning Services Ltd is one of the leading carpet cleaning professionals, offering a range of carpet cleaning services and solutions. We use only the latest technology for home and commercial carpets and upholstery cleaning, ensuring that your interiors are sparkling clean.

Added by Baileys Specialist Cleaning And Restoration Services Ltd today

Special Offer:   Braw Lads Shirts & Ties

Added by The Kilt Shop Galasheils yesterday

Special Offer:   Special offers

I offer a 15% discount to public sector employees and 50% to benefit recipients, plus a small number of free places to students.

Added by Ffrench Solutions Hypnotherapy yesterday

Special Offer:   Massage Career package Offer

Basic Aromatherapy – Learn the basics of aromatherapy massage and how to blend essential oils. This course should be taken first to offer you an excellent background in how oils and massage works. Advanced Aromatherapy – In this course you will develop your skills one step further and learn more massage techniques and gain a deeper understanding and practice of essential oils including Contraindications and precautions. Swedish Massage – The formal definition of Swedish massage is the manipulation of the shallow, as well as the deeper, layers of muscle and connective tissue, using a variety of techniques,which you will learn in this course which for your clients will aid in a deep healing process, decrease muscle reflex activity, inhibit motor-neuron excitability, encourage relaxation and well-being, and also as a recreational activity. Indian Head Massage – Through Indian Head Massage the therapist is able to clear blocks of blocked energy which can cause a build-up resulting in a variety of ailments. It is often said that negative energy builds up and when this happens causing a block in the natural flow of positive energy. Head massage also referred to as Champissage massage has been said to relieve many common ailments including stress and headaches and even loss of hair. Reflexology – Reflexology is a very popular therapy offered in many beauty salons and is the application of gentle pressure to reflex areas on the feet or hands so as to stimulate the body's own healing process and bring about a state of deep relaxation. Hot Stone Massage – When special stones have been sufficiently heated they are placed onto certain points on the body like the back, hands, legs, etc. The therapist uses the remaining heated stones to massage and work the muscles. This course will show you how to offer a safe and relaxing massage again popular in many beauty salons.

Added by Holistic Therapy Services Ltd - Luna Holistics yesterday

Special Offer:   Hard Floor Cleaning London

Find Cleaner's professional success of a leading cleaning company is based on one simple concept – full dedication and commitment to our London domestic and commercial customers. Find Cleaner is the best acronym to explain cleanliness and tidiness and how they are easy to achieve and enjoy with a little help by the experts.

Added by End Of Tenancy Cleaning London yesterday

Review: The POB


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Special Offer:   Special Offers

Check our website for special prices and deals.

Added by Fantastic Services In Oxford yesterday